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Explore the Enchanting Charms of Munnar

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Munnar. From lush tea plantations to cascading waterfalls and serene valleys, our destination guide will help you uncover the hidden gems that make Munnar a paradise for nature lovers.



About Us

Discover the Enchanting Splendors of South India with Java Tours and Travels

Experience the best of South India with Java Tours and Travels! We are your go-to destination for unforgettable Kerala and South India tour packages. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options or luxurious experiences, we have the perfect itinerary to suit your preferences.

Immerse yourself in the serene backwaters of Kerala, where you can cruise through picturesque canals on a traditional houseboat. Explore the lush tea plantations of Munnar and witness the mesmerizing sunset at Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India.


Tailored Packages for Memorable Getaways

Discover our exclusive packages designed to create unforgettable experiences in Munnar. Whether you seek a romantic retreat, family adventure, or rejuvenating spa getaway, our customized packages cater to all your preferences and needs.

Luxurious Accommodation in Munnar

Experience the epitome of luxury at Java Hotels and Resort. Our meticulously designed rooms and suites offer breathtaking views of Munnar’s serene landscapes, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable stay.
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